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This is my sister Emily. ¬†She has no idea that I’m doing this but she is single & ready to mingle so I’m sure she won’t mind. ūüôā ¬†Emily is in her late 20s and moving to the Denver, Colorado area in July. ¬†She works with special needs kids with communication disorders. ¬†She is extremely giving {she has been volunteering her time with special needs kids since middle school!} and fun loving. ¬†She loves the outdoors & being active. ¬†She ran a marathon last year & is currently training for a half. ¬†Running, biking, swimming, hiking…she loves it all. ¬†Above all, she loves Jesus & seeks to honor Him with her life. ¬†She is a wonderful sister, friend, and auntie to my girls. ¬†She loves life & it shows in her smile.emily1Em is on the right in the pink dress. ūüôā



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We are a huge Disney family. ¬†In fact, up until last week we had Disneyland Annual Passes and went at least twice a month. ¬†I so wish I would’ve come across this Mickey Mouse Polish Pin¬†¬†before our passes expired!

I loved the look of the polka dot nails and Mickey head but I wasn’t sure how to carry them out, especially since I don’t have any special nail tools (or any special nail training). ¬†A quick Pinterest search brought me to this pin titled easy polka dots nails without special nail art equipment. ¬†Perfect!

I asked Big Girl if she was interested in a special pedicure and gathered my supplies:

  • Black Nail Polish
  • Red Nail Polish
  • White Nail Polish
  • Toothpick
  • Ballpoint Pen
I started with her two big toes and did two coats of white polish.  One coat of red was more than enough coverage for her other eight toes.  I started making the white dots with the ballpoint pen but, since her toenails are so tiny, I could only fit 2 dots on each toe.  I removed the polish & started again.  This time I chose a tooth pick to make the little white polka dots and found they were a much better size.  I made white polka dots on each of her 8 red toes and started in on the Mickey heads.

I chose to use the ballpoint pen for Mickey’s head and then the toothpick for the ears. ¬†Big Girl got a little wiggly now that we were nearing the end but all in all was a pretty patient girl. ¬†And she is so proud of her new Mickey toes!
Happy Pinning!

My first Pinterest Project!

I love decorating for the seasons but we are on a tight budget. ¬†I can’t always afford to run out to the craft store to buy new wreaths, garlands, and other decor for our home.

Fall is my favorite season and this is the first year that we will have a mantle over our fireplace so I knew I wanted to honor Fall with some type of decor.  When I saw this pin I knew it would be perfect to swag from the mantle.

I followed this pin from Pinterest to Lorajean’s Magazine, a blog with mucho eye candy & inspiration!

The steps seemed easy enough so I set to work. ¬†I used silk/craft leaves because here in Southern California fall hasn’t arrived. ¬†Plus, I knew I’d want to reuse this year after year.

My 6 year old big girl was my special helper while my 2 year old little girl napped. ¬†Big girl & I chose 19 leaves of various sizes, colors, and types and taped our small straw segments to the back of them. ¬†We didn’t have string handy so we hung it on fishing line.

We proudly hung our creation and then watched as the leaves fell off.  One by one.  I guess scotch tape does not adhere very well to the silk leaves.

“Well, it is a FALL garland, afterall, Mommy” said my 6 year old, glass is half full, ray of sunshine.

Back to the drawing board, we brainstormed and decided to use hot glue instead.

Success!  Our banner has now been gracing our mantle for a week now.

Happy Pinning!



Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I’m Heather, a busy homeschooling mama of 2 little girls. ¬†I love scouring the internet for creative ideas for every aspect of life. ¬†Before discovering Pinterest,¬†I would file ideas away in a complex (and confusing) email filing system. ¬†I filed hundreds of craft ideas, hairstyles, recipes, science experiments, gifts, DIY organizational tools, and more! ¬†The problem was, I was spending my time finding & filing ideas and not carrying them out.

When I discovered Pinterest¬†I instantly recognized it as a more user friendly way of categorizing ideas to come back to later. ¬†But what would ensure that I didn’t just PIN ideas, but that I would actually carry them out?

I created Pinfluenced as a way to share my favorite pins and my creations based on the ideas found on Pinterest. ¬†I am not an expert crafter, baker, seamstress, or DIYer….but I am an expert pinner!

So come craft along with me!  I look forward to sharing with you my favorite pins and the finished products.

Hi! I'm Heather

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